Light tools was split in half to aid conceptual design. Now that I know what I'm doing I'll be rejoining the pieces soon. As it is the two pieces expect to be run in sequence (remove the .pl extension first): is the first level of code processing. It takes care of simple elements of typography/markup; implementes the improved commenting system; and handles import/export of blocks of code. handles most of the actual links.

Linking is a key concept in hypertext, and making linking easier is what light is all about.

Other tools include:

  • l.bash : chains everything together
  • markup preprocessing
  • link processing
  • : to gain a degree of consistency in headers and footers.
  • : turns dir into something like FancyIndexing
  • : implements linkpath concept is an earlier version of the program which demonstrates many of the features and works with perl 4.036. Later versions user 5.003 features, although a true modularization of the q&d code will come later.

    lo version 0.94 patch 134/026
    24 June 1997