Link Instructions for Global HyperText

light is always in flux, being an experimental prototyping platform to help develop and test hypertext features and topologies beyond that currently implemented via the WorldWideWeb.

A key component of light is lo, a hypertext composers' markup syntax or shorthand; the aim of which is to look as little like hypertext and as much like normal heads-down text creation as possible. Ergometrics are designed into lo from the top, so that writing in it will create as little impediment to the flow of thought of the writer as possible.

The tools included in this directory are © 1997 J. F. Cuff but are distributed under terms similar to that of the GPL -- so you may feel free to use it.

The perl code to these programs went through a rather drastic scrambling during the final production of the ENL, so beware: there ARE bugs.

Most of these are things which will get fixed in the next release of this code; many of them work fine in previous versions. Once the hectic schedule to get the ENL out on time slackens off, this will all fit into a neat little object oriented set of modules. For now, however, while I extend my apologies (and warnings) about the state of this code, I feel that it is the appropriate version to release; being the actual program which processed the contents of the /enl/ subdir of this disk.

Consider it a historical release, and visit the light homepage for the new, improved version, sometime during the fall of 1997.

Several view are offered: from gentle introduction to the features; a general overview of the field; and a view which goes into some aspects of the punctuation system in some detail

lo version 0.94 patch 134/026
24 June 1997