This is a reconstruction of my original web
page, c.1995-98. It is a sort of nostogia... how far
the web has come, what was and wasn't possible. How
low-rez our expectations...

(The inner window at 640x480 was about what
most users would have seen. The cyan border
is for implementing this captive view.)

At various points this link dumped various
information. F'rinstance, at one point it linked to
the CGI program or
to my various fortune-tellers as they were developed.

Some of the sections are not available. Sorry.
Also, the time-capsule effect is not perfect... some 
pages continued to grow beyond the time encapsulation
periods... thus anacronisms and chronosynclastic 
infundibulae abound.

The lack of integration of t=teatime into the HTML
spec was/is a bit of an missed opportunity. Just go
to my bookmarks/linkpage of the day, and see how many
of the websites are still up!
Some (better) features previously run as CGI will be
reimplemented as JavaScript.

Most of this stuff is pretty trivial, implemented as I
learnt Perl and tried out "new" HTML features. HTML
standards were not fastidiously observed. Much of this
was destined to break over time -- still, from the
fragments, we can gather where we've been...

-- 17 April 2004, rebuild of Virtea begins...